one2one Coaching for YOU

Personal Coaching: Looks after No. 1…YOU.

By Sonia Khera

121-coaching-1If we all know that life matters, then why don’t we live it to our fullest? If we truly consider life to be precious, then why don’t we value it? The biggest barrier that most people have to overcome is fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of making decisions. Fear of change. Fear of failure. And, of course, the big one – fear of success!

Working with a coach is akin to switching on the lights and discovering your unique life navigation system. Coaching is a confidential relationship between a coach and a client, where the aim is to unlock the individual’s potential so that they maximise their performance. It is a one-to-one process that typically focuses on personal development and problem solving, whereby the coach and client agree on the issues involved and jointly consider solutions.

Whilst coaching shares some similarities to other therapies and counselling, the fundamental difference is that a coach may delve into the past, but does not focus on it to find the solution or the goal. My coaching process is client-led, and goal-centric.

Coaching can enable you to make things happen. One of my clients planned for more than 3 years to give up employment to start his own business venture, but at the end of that time, could not bring himself to hand in his notice to his employers, so that he could go ahead with the new business. When he came to me for coaching, he was clearly frustrated with his lack of progress. He discovered his aversion to risk taking was in response to his innate need for financial security. Also, whilst he desired success he doubted if he deserved it. This self-awareness was a key turning point in his decision making and as a result of the coaching; he is now in the process of successfully setting up his own business.

Coaching gives the choice to prioritise you! It provides the opportunity to put value back into your life experience. A professional coach’s role is to guide, encourage, facilitate, challenge, motivate and inspire you. A coach helps the client to raise self awareness, develop strategies for managing change, design work/life balance and make decisions with the energy of choice in all aspects of life including relationships, money, career, personal development, family, friends, home, health, and fun/leisure.

“Success Begins From Within”

Coaching benefits for YOU
• Increase your self esteem and confidence.
• Help you to see things as they really are.
• Enable you to confront your fears.
• Challenge, stimulate and structure your thinking.
• Help you solve your problems faster.
• Accelerated goal progress.
• Increase your motivation and energy.
• Give you the opportunity to share your ideas and thoughts.
• Enable you to think more creatively, learn faster & communicate better.
• To have fun!

In traditional cultures, focusing on you is regarded as selfish. However, who said anything about not thinking of others and not being selfless – whilst investing in you? Your coach will challenge limiting beliefs whilst understanding and respecting your core values. The wise say that in order to give value, you must experience it first. What you think has a profound effect on what you do and how you do it. You can only achieve something when you believe it! If you don’t think you can do it, you never will, but coaching will help you to believe in yourself and put YOU first.

“Coaching may not be magical but the results are certainly magical”.

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