Management Development

The title Manager suggests that they can “manage” and know every aspect of their role and responsibility effortlessly. The truth is managers may have the authority however they may need to learn the ropes of how to perform exceptionally, under pressure and meet expectations.

Specialist training ,education and mentoring are vital to perform and with the support of your dedicated one 2 one coach the manager develops the skills, strategies and acuity to deliver on those expectations.

  • Professional standards of excellence & etiquette
  • Communication effectiveness: Verbal, written and behaviour
  • Listening, questioning and developing rapport
  • Managing Expectations: Self & Others at all levels
  • Rapport, building networks and sustaining them
  • Decision making, prioritisation and delegating
  • Influencing, persuading & assertiveness
  • Presentation skills and Report Writing
  • Time management & Organisational
  • Managing uncertainty and change
  • Staff engagement and team building
  • Confidence and professional composure
  • Handling difficult people, situations and conversations


Sushil Radia              Managing Director, Westminster Homecare
I found these sessions very valuable: I was able to realign my priorities, save time and more importantly gain satisfaction in my work. I achieved my personal and business objectives and a platform for future growth. I recommend her wholeheartedly.