Group/Team Training

Groups and Teams have different dynamics at play during training, offering the potential to change, grow and adapt from the shared experience. 

We focus our training approach to….

1) Provide the theory with practical examples to improve their knowledge and understanding.

2) Simplify the communication and improve the working relationships.

3) Design bespoke training solutions for your team with you.

Let us give them the tools to improve their performance and the business.

Examples of popular development areas are Communication skills, Feedback skills, Time Management, Managing difficult people and situations.

Goal success: Group training/ Teams / Individuals

3 steps to achieve personal and professional goals:  1) Plan   2) Prepare   3) Act     Together we will be learning how to …

  • Get in touch and synchronise with your motivations
  • Define the perfect goal
  • Do the Preparation and explore what’s possible
  • Draw up a motivating action plan mapping out next steps
  • Design a proactive follow up to chart your progress
  • Celebrate your achievements!

Communication Skills Training:
Effective interpersonal skills means being aware of yourself and your communication to recipients. The response to the communication determines its effectiveness.

  • Written: emails, presentations
  • Verbal: presenting, giving feedback, facilitation, chairing meetings
  • Non Verbal: body language confidence & clarity


Feedback Skills Training:  Feedback is about sharing your observations of an activity which specific, objective and helpful.

What is the purpose of feedback?

  • Helps us become more aware of what we do and how we do it.
  • It helps us identify ‘blind spots’

Receiving feedback gives us an opportunity to change & modify our behaviour increasing our ability to live and interact in a more appropriate way.  

Is there specific training that your team could benefit from learning?

The benefits of relating, understanding and learning together with One 2 One Professionals enhances individual awareness, develops skills and helps them realise that they are not alone in discovering and learning how to deal with people and situations to achieve the best outcomes.