A journey of a thousand steps…

“Step be step there is that step which is conducive to the next step” a wise and spiritual soul uttered this wisdom and it stopped me in my tracks.

A Journey of a thousand steps The idea that we cannot change the past by rewriting it except for in our memory gives both a powerful and humbling opportunity in the present. It reveals our strengths and human flaws unequivocally if we are ready to admit to them and opens us up to feedback. The point of this past review is to focus on the learning and use it to your advantage in your present moment.

Just to clarify, the present moment means we are rooted in the here and now. We are not running the movie projector of our past or future which can work to either motivate us or instil fear and disable us in our precious present moment.

This step in our journey into the present moment needs us to ideally accept the way it is and not distort it with our thoughts. It may not be the ideal present we would have chosen however it is what it is.

It takes inner calm to stay in the moment and not ruminate over the past victories, lost loves, hurts and regrets which constantly shadow our mind and heart with “if only” or “why”.

It takes focus to stay in the present moment and not be ruled by distant future of security, uncertainty, scarcity and above all fear of the not being enough. This is truly disempowering.

Somehow as humans we seem to gravitate to the negative emotions faster and almost habitually. It does not serve us to be this way so we need to consciously choose to redirect our thoughts to the positive way of life.

Finding meaning and hope in the present moment is based on faith. Faith in yourself, in the highest good and the universe to provide all that you need and desire.  Is this blue sky thinking or practical? Well our thoughts direct our first step in the journey. Choose wisely.

It’s when we lose that faith that our darkest fears undermine us and slay us. Our faith is the thread that runs through us and connects us to others. It gives us meaning and substance to exist amongst humanity as equal and worthy.

Each step brings us in to our present moment which gives us choice about how we respond in it. If truth be shared then most of the time I am feeling ok and positive. Yet there are some dark periods where the change and growth cycle seems unbearable and never ending. What I have learned is that my experiences both positive and negative are a necessary part of constantly transitioning to the light and hope. This is where faith plays a big part in keeping me centred and in the present moment.

Life does throw up challenges and surprises with people, events and situations. Nothing ever seems to stay the same. Technology has also added to the speed of change we experience in our daily lives.

How can we handle what comes? Just by knowing and remembering that “step be step there that step which is conducive to the next step”. This knowledge gives makes a mindful connection to the present moment where all the power and choice exists for you to manage your response to life.

A useful suggestion is to connect to the present moment through awareness of your senses and flow of breath.

Connect in gratitude and accept all that you are inside and out. It’s a step to realise how amazing we all are already.

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