Family & Small Businesses

Whether a business is family owned or not, new or long standing, the dynamics of a small number of people invested in business together are connected to its success which creates a sense of unity, loyalty and longevity. On the flip side it also raises unique concerns and challenges compared to larger businesses enterprises.

One 2 One professionals are experienced in understanding the personal and professional needs, ambitions and conflicts that arise and can support the individual leaders and the teams to create a more positive and productive climate.

Common Issues facing a small team of leaders:

  • Reaching a consensus on business decisions and agreeing strategy can be a difficult if the vision, mission and business goals are not defined and agreed.

  • The varied personalities, their roles, responsibilities and ability to influence and steer the business pose both opportunities and challenges.
  • It’s not easy to always communicate effectively, engage regularly, manage emotions, be committed and flexible
  • The hierarchy of power often resists change and does not plan for its succession. This creates tension and conflict.

If some of these sound familiar in your business then an objective yet caring intervention may help. 

Get in touch to see what we can address together, it will surprise you!