Mentoring: Career Management

We recognise that a significant change in the workplace means:

  • no longer jobs for life
  • competition for good jobs is high
  • changes at work are constant

Professionals are now realising that the most effective way of building a successful and rewarding career is to learn powerful and practical ways to take control and manage their own career trajectory.

Learn how to market yourself with great results with employers, recruiters and clients

  • CV redesign
  • Job Interview skills preparation with job search strategy
  • Professional social media presence: LinkedIn profile set up

Sonia’s coaching came at a time of considerable change and upheaval, within which it was entirely possible that I would face redundancy. Her clear and supportive, but firm, intervention enabled me to incisively separate the personal emotional from the strategic, and to find a way forward.

Simon Humphries     Former Deputy Director, Public Sector Division, Office for National Statistics
I worked with Sonia to prepare me for my move out of the public sector into private consultancy during 2010. We developed a job-search strategy that was based on my strengths and interests that has started to be very successful. I am happy to recommend Sonia to others who need a professional coach to help them realise their potential.