Executive Services

We work with public and private sector businesses to deliver flexible continuous development of the individual, the team and the business as a priority.

Our primary focus is helping small, medium and large businesses to evolve. Our secondary focus is supporting individuals and businesses develop their approach to help make them more viable and competitive in the commercial world.

For: Senior Management, Leaders and Managers we offer:

  • Leadership & Management Skill Basics & Enhanced Advanced development
  • Developing Mentoring & Coaching skills
  • Effective Team Role Selection
  • Team Building & Working Facilitation
  • Mentoring Career Management: Role Redeployment, Industry Transitions & Advancement
  • Outplacement Career Mentoring
  • Soft Skills & Business Skills Development Workshops
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Developing & Retaining Talent
  • Change & Transformation: Project team facilitation
  • Creating a Work & Life Balance
  • Goal Setting: Performance Appraisal (PDP)
  • Motivation: Personal and Professional
  • Stress Management & Well Being


Dr Sally Palmer-Walton
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sonia to individuals and companies alike.  We need more people like her in the workplace: someone with strong integrity and sincerity who you can trust and who has the passion to inspire you from start to finish.