Mentoring: Youth Success

Planning further education or preparing to get that first job start?

Self-aware, confident and clear about which path to take?

Need help to start off in the right path?

Making a first positive impression with a strong CV or writing an impressive university personal statement leads to opportunities and interviews to showcase your ambition, personality, skills and abilities successfully.

Career Mentors give 3 priceless gifts…

1) Advice       2) Feedback      3) Guidance

A mentor understands you, your challenges & works closely to….keep you motivated, enthusiastic and focused on your goals.

Parents get in touch to give your child the support they need to understand their unique strengths, capabilities and personality to make the right education choices, be more focused and open up their future prospects.

The Youth Success_ Personal Testimonials show the benefits gained by working alongside the One 2 One Professionals Mentor.