Group Facilitation

Working together as a group on a project is common business practice.

Project work needs…

  1. An agreed purpose, clear objectives and the end goal to be defined.  
  2. Project members to share information openly, invest time and prioritise the work.
  3. Additional time and focus to their everyday job duties and responsibilities.

Working together from different job roles, teams and departments raises challenges all related to people.

  • What happens when people involved in this project don’t speak the same business language?
  • What happens when everyone have different motivators and fears to communicating openly?
  • How can project leaders encourage quiet reflective group members to contribute effectively and still enable the naturally confident members to share?
  • What if the everyday work demands mean the project actions are way down on the action To Do list?
  • What if the objectives and actions are not clearly defined?


A one 2 one coach can help to support and direct the group members to collaborate and communicate effectively to achieve great results together.