Leadership Development

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. – John F. Kennedy

Natural leadership qualities are inherent in us all. Yet to engage with it, develop it and use it to its full potential needs an attitude of curiosity to continuously learn and improve.

We support leaders who recognise the importance of sharpening their saw to support, challenge and stimulate them to raise their game.

  • Management and Leadership skills: working to strength, generating a strong team motivational spirit to inspire performance excellence.
  • Being an aspiring role model of excellence and respected in the industry.
  • People management skills: developing personal style and approach focused on demonstrating respect, integrity & value of people. Refreshing  and learning known & tested skills & techniques.
  • Managing Conflict: personally, with people and situations
  • Effective Communication: verbal & Non-verbal acuity. Influencing, persuading and assertiveness.
  • Managing Change & Diversity: professional, personal, organisational & cultural.
  • Strategic planning, thinking and creative ideas and vision (Micro & Macro level).
  • Business succession planning with its existing and new talent.

James Hemlin            Commercial Operations Director at euNetworks
I worked with Sonia during 2010/11 focusing on management and communication styles. The sessions increased awareness of my personal impact and influence and shared some best practice tools and techniques for managing and delivering through people. Sonia has tremendous focus and energy. The sessions were intense, challenging and centred on business and personal challenges which made them both relevant and hugely rewarding. I continue to benefit from the insights provided and the tools and techniques developed with Sonia.