Improving Performance: Always Room to Improve

Stairway to successWe all know that successful goal attainment require Practice, Persistence and Focus. All goals are shaped by possibility.

The need and desire to improve as a goal can be found in almost any aspect of our personal and professional lives and at any age.

Examples of these can be found in the kitchen to improve cooking skills, playing computer games to competing in sports, getting the job despite competition, at work presenting confidently without getting too nervous, in your business making decisions to develop your peoples capability, increasing sales and the customers satisfaction levels, how about just being on time for the train or meeting every day, or studying and revising for the penultimate dreaded exams and in remembering important little things like birthdays and special anniversaries…as you can see this list on what we could improve goes on and on!

 3 Facts about Improving

1.     Improving is based on a need, want & desire to be HAPPY.

2.     Improving is based on the potential to be, to do or have more to feel HAPPY.

3.     Improving is motivated by thoughts of infinite possibilities of being HAPPY.

What keeps us striving for more and being better?

Well we don’t admire doing nothing. We also fear losing what we have or could have. We don’t like the thought of leading a life of regrets and if only’s….

Some points to consider…

  •  Doing nothing is wasting potential, in life and in the present moment.
  •  We have the free will to decide and have choices to empower us.
  •  Striving to fulfil possibility and potential is a natural law of success.


The good news is that our curious nature will not allow us to do nothing. This type of apathy is met with conflict in the internal chambers of your heart. We may try to ignore our calling to improve however it will cost us our happiness and that cost is too high!

So to reiterate improving performance needs goals which need: Practice, Persistence and Focus to achieve.

It important for these improvement goals to be truly compelling as 90% of its successful is based on WHY we want them in the first place?

In essence we need: To know our purpose to truly engage our heart. So our goals must be inspiring to rouse our passions and motivate us to take action towards achieving them.

Once you know why you want to achieve your goals then you need to focus on How you attain them. This part is the nitty gritty 10% of how you will make it happen.

So we then need to ask & answer 5 fundamental questions to help us improve:

1.     Where are we headed?                             => Define the goal(s), get clear

2.     What do we need to do?                           => Action plans / to do list

3.     How can I do it and make a difference?    => Your personal values

4.     What’s in it for me?                                   => Rewards and benefits

5.     Who can help me?                                    => Network of people, your supporters

Improving is based on the possibility to change performance through Practice, Persistence and Focus get do something, do it ok, to good and to great!

Be warned it’s easy to slip down from trying to keep up with this on-going improvement process as we lose our focus and other life stuff takes up our priority. So it’s helpful to have your network of supporters who believe in you like your friends, family, personal coach and mentors to call upon and help you stay, improve or get back to your personal peak performance level.

Striving to improve is a soft action which needs to be practiced persistently and with focus daily.

To achieve our greater potential we need to customise and personalise our goals. To deliver and sustain our improvement goals we need to collaborate.

The power of collaboration extends beyond what you can see as possible to include the imagination and ideas of those who can envision, think and support your bigger infinite goals of happiness.


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