Successful Resolutions…The Secret to your Success

A resolution is about….making a commitment, to have an intention, to make a promise, to have an aim and a meaningful purpose. To pledge to yourself, to be determined to achieve, to have will power, to be steadfast, earnest, single minded and above all resolute.

Why do we make resolutions?        Resolutions are to…make a change, find a solution, change an outcome, and solve a problem to take away a difficulty and achieve an ambition or fulfil your potential.

In a nutshell, when we feel we don’t want and can’t have more of the same anymore we decide that enough is enough. That something has to change in the future and we choose to make that happen NOW. So we become resolute.

What do resolutions require from us?     You need…determination, purpose, energy, courage, discipline, dedication, sincerity, willpower, constancy, perseverance, tenacity and above all a firm decision.

A resolution is a vital component to whether or not a goal will be achieved. Therefore if we tried to compare resolutions and goals then it would prove to be a meaningless exercise as they are both entwined for good reason.

Goal success needs the resolution essentials to create and manifest the end result you want.

Stephen Covey advises us to “to attain our goals start with the end in mind”. Therefore both resolutions are embedded in the start, middle and end of any goal which inspires us.

Resolutions and Goal attainment are inseparable.

Your resolve may be one or many like….

  • Change your job
  • Be more assertive at work
  • Communicate with confidence
  • Start your new business
  • Quit smoking
  • Spend more quality time with your partner and children
  • Start and stick to a diet…to lose weight or feel better
  • Do more exercise and join a gym
  • Be on time and organised
  • Make time for your hobbies, for you.

The resolve you need and want most is motivated by either not being satisfied with what you have and wanting more of the things that make you feel good.

Motivation to change is a critical element to our goal success. You have really got to want it and it should inspire you to ACT on making it happen.

The depth of your motivation is the key that rates your commitment to achieve the goal you said you are resolute about. As goals can only be achieved through your personal resolve it’s important to spend time to explore your needs and wants.

Ask yourself?

What would the change give you and others?
Who would this change benefit?
How would it show?
Will others be able to see it too?
What if you did not pursue your goal?
What would it cost you to do nothing?
How much do you want and need this goal to be attained?

Rating your goal, your need, your want from 0 -10 (where not doing it is not an option!) makes it more real.

When you have pondered and answered these questions you will know yourself just how committed you are or not to want you thought you needed and wanted. You may do this simple and revealing question and Answer with a few things you want to change.

The results may surprise you…indeed you may realise that some of these changes were good ideas and that you are not really that committed after all.

Did you know that by simply writing your goal makes it more likely to happen?

Goal Success is based on 90% Why? and 10% How?

The formula for achieving goals is simple, empowering and fun.

The goal success formula is a secret to those who are not following it already.

If you are one of those who don’t know The Secret and want to find out then get in touch.

The Secret to your success is a few short steps away…

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