Stick or Play? What will you choose?

Do you recognise this person?

The one who still believes that by being your own harshest critic that somehow you will do,

be and feel better? That when you use that well worn stick to beat yourself up over and over

again that you will motivate yourself and magically transform the results the next time? Or

have you assumed the lesson was learned and an alternative approach which will show up all

by itself the next time?

Is that you? No? Then perhaps you know someone like this?

You are not alone; somehow this software program was automatically installed like a virus

probably during the early stages of childhood. Sadly it manages to reboot itself unconsciously

and erode any semblance of understanding and compassion for oneself.

Ironically this stick approach does not help anyone! In fact the stick keeps on being a weapon

of self destruction. So if this stick does not work and the desired outcomes are not achieved

then why do we carry on using it? Are we expecting miracles or are we just not ready to

CHANGE our thinking and our approach?

What would prompt us to change? Stick or Play? Do nothing or something different?

No, this is not a trick question! In fact ask a child and see what they would choose…..go

on…ask yourself what is more motivating? What would you recommend to your best friend?

If striking ourselves crushes us then why do we insist on holding on to it? Is it the devil we

know so well? Indeed it’s comfortable to always do what you have always done. Then be

prepared to always get what you always got! The opportunity lies in changing this never

ending cycle for something more uplifting and motivating.

Change is not easy, predictable or welcomed. In fact most would agree it brings up our

deepest fears and threatens our security.

What’s needed in the first instance is a change in our ATTITUDE which can then lead to

change in our thinking, actions and emotions.

So what will it be? Stick or Play?

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